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Organization of a sales department based on CRM. Stages and case studies-2

Stage 2. Formation of a motivated sales team


If your current team does not need changes (i.e, produces the results you want, your pre-sale and sales managers are motivated and the system you’ve put in place works), then skip this part and go straight to point 3

However, if your sales team needs improvement, and to reach its full potential, then, READ ON

The aim of this step is to equip your pre-sale and sales managers to make increased sales. 

The truth is: sales can only be partially automated. It can never be 100% automated.

The basis of a successful system consists of salespeople and managers equipped with the right tools, in a system where they’re constantly motivated, and monitored (to ensure they follow the guidelines, and their progress is tracked). 

In Organization of a sales department -part 1, we give tested and proven recommendations for building a motivated and competent sales team during the audit stage - STAGE 1

Here in STAGE 2, we focus on implementation - scouting for, hiring, training of Sales personnel, and the creation of a motivation system.

There are several ways to build a sales competent Sales department. Here, we’ll focus on 2: 

Working with the current organizational structure (with a few changes)

Creation of a new sales department or a new sub-division of an existing sales department

  • Fine-tuning the already existing system, teaching new tricks to your old Sales staff. 

  • Separating the product team from other employees.  Hiring new employees for the sole purpose of increasing leads.

  • Building a remote sales department from scratch.

  • Building a sales team “salesperson -  sales expert - Head of Sales Department” in accordance with your lead/deal’s journey in the sales funnel

  • Outsourcing (mostly cold) sales to a subcontractor.

If the situation with sales is critical (i.e the efficiency of the sales team is way below expectation, and the team isn’t open to implementing changes), you need to take a drastic step- building a new Sales team from scratch.

In other cases, it’s a lot faster, cheaper and more efficient to work with the current team.

To implement your CRM to get the best results from your sales department, you need :

  1. to understand the “pains” and responsibilities of sales Personnel,

  2. to develop a solution that is in agreement with the goals of the company,

  3. to convey the benefits and advantages (not only for the business owner but for the Sales representatives), of preparing the necessary templates for sales Personnel,

  4. to demonstrate the concept of “key sales personnel”, conduct regular training, prepare regulations and a knowledge base for sales personnel,

  5. to improve the system based on the results and feedback of the sales department.

And to do all these 

  1. smoothly, without breaking or disrupting current processes

stage 3. Organizing the business process of your sales department

The purpose of this stage is to understand how to organize work on the main sales channel in order to get the first results as quickly as possible.

The main point:

If you already have a CRM, then we can create an improved sales business process for your main sales funnel - We provide visualization of the scheme, prepare guidelines for working, and prepare technical specifications for improving the work of your Sales team.

If you need to implement your CRM for your sales department from scratch, then the Technical Specification has to be detailed and comprehensive. It should be adapted based on the results of your  SALES AUDIT from STAGE 1 and our recommendations.

When you bring the processes of your major sales funnel to standard, it launches a cycle of improvements and better results for your team. 

Result of this stage: “READY TO USE” work instructions and a comprehensive “TO DO” list to implement changes in your CRM, or to build your sales Business Process in your CRM from scratch.

Stage 4. Implementation or refinement of  your CRM

The purpose of this stage:
to equip your  sales personnel with tools necessary for expected results - tune your CRM to match your business needs, Set up logic and rules, conduct staff training, set up CRM reports and explain to staff how to use them.

The main point:
This step involves the implementation of CRM with the settings  that are specific for your company or refinement of the existing system according to our recommendations. 

It could also mean migrating from another CRM to Bitrix24. 

 Implementation of your CRM will

  1. Reduce processing time of new enquiries

  2. optimize sales manager’s time in their work with new leads and already existing clients and deals;

  3. Help you put clients is the right categories and improve your effectiveness in working with them;

  4. increase conversion from leads to sales;

  5. increase advertising efficiency and optimize marketing costs;

  6. make repeat sales effectively.

This will increase the company's profit in the short term. In the future, you can digitize the company's processes across all departments, make integrations with 1C and other software.

Here we already give access to employees, show how to work with CRM and give tasks for independent work with error analysis. Training in other stages - separately. 

Example of setting up deals in Bitrix24

Example of setting up automatic creation of a task / case to the trigger manager “client read the letter”

An example of a lead reminder robot in action

Bitrix24 AI lead conversion forecast

Example of an automatic task by deal stages

Bitrix24 sample report example

Bitrix24 sample report example

Example of a modified Bitrix24 report

You can also expand reporting and account for marketing costs by setting up basic end-to-end analytics in Bitrix24. You will receive a report on the results of advertising.

Bitrix24 End-to-End Analytics Report Example

Bitrix24 End-to-End Analytics Report Example

Stage 5. Improving the performance of sales personnel in the CRM 

The purpose of the stage: To ensure that your processes work, and that they’re not just a beautiful theory. 

The bottom line: you can improve the work of sales personnel:

  • draw up guidelines, instructions, conversation scripts , sales scripts, Commercial Proposals and presentations (possibly even printed materials),

  • train sellers

  • integrate a motivation system in the CRM.

Time frame for implementation: individual (depends on your company)

Cost: Depends on the implementation

We recommend that you implement the processes of the sales department first in the CRM. This will increase the company's profit almost immediately.  and then, gradually implement all other processes of the company across all departments. 

After introducing the basic functionality tailored to the company’s features, we already give employees access, demonstrate how to work with the CRM, assign tasks for independent work, and analyze errors. Training in other stages - separately. 

5.1. Motivation

The development and implementation of a transparent KPI system in the CRM increase the motivation of sales managers. Reports on achieved goals motivates managers to respond more quickly and efficiently to leads/deals. 

In addition to KPI reports, there are additional methods to keep your sales managers constantly motivated. Consider them on the example of our client KRUZ, (TM Desan, "Pomidorka", "6 sotok", "Lucky snacky").

detailed information on the results of work, events and a gallery of photo reports

Intangible motivation. If you do not have a bell in the office that you can ring to praise someone who has well done

You can also implement “contests” in your system - an opportunity for sales personnel to make quick money and maintain their excitement. Almost everything can be implemented and integrated into Bitrix24 - you are only limited by the product version(cloud or box) and license.

5.2. Knowledge Database and Sales manager tools

A mature sales team has accumulated experience, examples of successful and unsuccessful sales scripts and commercial offers. The CRM provides excellent opportunities for creating and storing a convenient knowledge base, which will help newcomers transition easily. 

If you do not have such documents, then on the basis of the audit and primary regulations, each service or group of products with common features can be packaged together. This can be done on the basis of your Commercial Proposals and sales scenarios, and in some cases, each service or segment of customers needs an individual business process and marketing strategies.

Call Script - An Example Application for Bitrix24

Motivational materials and news for the sales department

Database for sellers

After the 4th stage, we carry out implementation assessment and control: we assess how well the system was implemented, and what results it brings. This gives us an understanding of what tools are missing, and whether additional training is required for your sales managers.


In the 3rd and final part of this series, we will look at 

Stage 6. Setting up your system for recurring sales (CRM marketing). 
How do you set up your CRM such that you keep making sales and turn ONE-TIME clients to LIFETIME customers

Stage 7. 
Monitoring and improving the sales system
Steps for constantly improving and increasing the efficiency of your sales department

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