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Alisa Erofeeva

Aleksandr Davydov

Organization of a sales department based on CRM. Stages and case studies-1

“The world of Business is constantly changing. To survive, you have to adapt. To thrive, you have to disrupt” - Alexander Davidoff, Marketing Expert.

This is a manual on How to Disrupt!

The Recommendations enlisted in this guide have been verified by our clients to 

  • Increase lead-to-sales conversions by 10% in 3 months

  • increase profits up to 20% in the first year alone,

  • increase Advertising ROI by 10%,

  • build cross-selling,

  • build long-term relationships with customers,

How to Increase Sales through your CRM

  1. Build your Sales department in your CRM

  2.  Automate your sales processes.

A CRM is a tool for managing your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and leads.  But that's not all. 

Benefits of having a CRM

Implementing a CRM may seem like a simple solution, but it is a game-changer.

Customers and staff are the life source of businesses. Take them away, and you do not have a business anymore!

With a good CRM like Bitrix24, and customized to suit your exact company's needs,

  1. It will keep your customers at the centre of your business. You effectively keep track of and handle every single client - no missed calls, SMS, emails
  2. Your staff’s workload is reduced, They’re better motivated and can collaborate effectively

  3. It is a tool for simplifying seemingly complex business processes

  4. Helps streamline processes

  5. You can accurately measure the productivity of your staff

  6. All these, will in turn, increase the profitability of your business.

With this guide, you’ll be able to make the changes necessary to improve your already existing Sales department or build one that will meet your sales targets.

We’ll be taking you step by step through every stage of the process.

  • Let’s start with the Stages involved in building a sales departments

    1. Stage 1. Sales audit

    2. Stage 2. Formation of a capable and motivated sales team 

    3. Stage 3. Organization of the sales department’s business process

    4. Stage 4. Implementing or refining your CRM to suit your business processes.

    5. Stage 5. Improving the performance of CRM sales personnel

    6. Stage 6. Organization of repeat purchases (CRM marketing)

    7. Stage 7. Monitoring and improving the sales system

  • 2 Sales Promotion Case studies - ( a fitness club and an advertising agency)

  • Client Reviews: CRM-based sales systems.

Stage 1. Sales audit

Why do you need a sales audit?

To completely get rid of a weed, you have to identify where the root is and then, pull it out from the root. 

The same rule applies to solve business problems -  to first, identify the origin of the problem, then eradicate it.

It isn’t always clear from the get-go where the problem is when there is a decline in sales and it’s oftentimes difficult to identify what stage of the sales pipeline the bottleneck is.

You needs a sales audit to

  1. To assess the current state of your sales processes

    1. to determine if your sales strategy is effective or not

    2. if not, what stage of your sales pipeline is the cause?

  2. To analyze and compare the use of resources against results  

    1. Do the resources you have invested in Sales tally with the results you have?

  3. To find weak spots and possible areas of growth.


The good news is that after you’ve identified the problem, the solutions are not so difficult to implement. 

Below, we’ve listed common causes of an underperforming sales department:

  1. Weak lead generation: incorrectly selected targeting, positioning or advertising channels;  

  2. The lack of a CRM or a not properly organized CRM: the customer base is not structured, there is no transparent reporting;

  3. low lead to deal conversion rate. This can be due to:  lack of manuals for managers on how to deal with clients, client applications take too long to be processed, forgetful or unmotivated managers who easily give in to tricky questions.

  4. having ONLY 1 main lead-generation channel ( A lack of alternative lead-generation channels). If something should go wrong with this channel, It can cause big problems for your business.

  5. low average sales check; lack of cross-selling;

  6. Lack of client development (selling additional services, asking for and implementing client feedback, maintaining relations).

Now that we’ve gone through the common causes of problems,


  1. Identify your company’s sales goals - what do you want your sales team to achieve?

    1. one time clients or return clients?

    2. Do you want to establish relationships with leads(even if they do not patronize you at first) and turn them into long-term clients?

    3. What other goals do you have for your sales department?


  1. Are you hitting your sales target? Do you get as many enquiries/ month as you would like?

If after going through points 1 & 2 above, and you realize that 

  1. You aren’t meeting your sales goals, and 

  2. The results of your sales team are way below expectation,


Start with an audit that fits the goals you listed in STEP 1.

Be careful to note what is included in the audit. You need one that examines every stage of your sales pipeline thoroughly.

When you request a Sales Audit from INTERVOLGA, We study WHAT, TO WHOM  and HOW and you sell.

  1. we hold several skype sessions with the management team of your company to understand how they work.

  2. we interview your sales managers and Company Representatives, 

  3. we carry out thorough diagnostics based on our sales audit checklist,

  4. we study your CRM, all correspondence (letters, emails, messengers), we listen to recorded and live calls,

  5. we study and review your Commercial Proposals, 

  6. We will study current sales scripts and training materials,

  7. measure NPS among several clients,

The Results:

  1. We write 10-30 “to do” points (based on your company’s requirements)  which, when implemented, guarantee an increase in sales,

  2. we set priorities for your team and write down an enlarged sales development plan for 9 months in advance,

  3. We set an appointment with you on skype to present the results. This enables you to ask questions, clarify areas that are unclear.

  4.  We check in on you AFTER one month to monitor your implementation of the to-do list


COST: (65 000 rubles) $900 or 811 EUR only!

Contact us for a sales audit

 You can Download our sales checklist for FREE

Stage 2. Formation of a capable and motivated sales team 

Please stay tuned for Part 2 of this series.

  • 18.03.2020