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Five general business processes in Bitrix24 that each company needs

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Web integration is the creation of large informational web systems that are deeply integrated into the Customer’s business. This reduction in the cost of working with customers, sales growth and automation of processes.

INTERVOLGARU is a competent web integrator. We can solve all the problems of web integration on our own. Most of our projects are complex, integration.

Our principle: to benefit the client’s business through the intelligent use of web technologies.

In this article we described the business processes, the automation of which is ordered most often.

Each large commercial or manufacturing company, despite the nuances of the business, has the same type of processes for working with clients, paperwork, shipping goods or providing services. Taking into account the experience of automation of management processes in various companies, we can recommend the following five main business processes that will allow you to improve customer service, speed up paperwork, reduce non-manufacturing costs, improve the conversion of transactions, improve employee KPI.

1st Business Process — Automated Lead Processing

For any commercial company, work with the client comes first. No customer - no sales of products, goods or services. Therefore, all modern companies pay not only great attention to customer relations, but great attention! In any business, it is desirable to speed up the collection of customer information, reduce the likelihood of losing a potential customer, and reduce the time for re-accessing a customer. Those. The task of the manager is to make the client to become a real customer.

In Bitrix24, when addressing a potential client, a special concept is used - lead.

A lead is a person who has expressed interest in products, goods, services. A lead can be either an individual or a company representative. When processing a large incoming flow of leads, it is very important not to lose them and not to forget. To do this, you need to fix them in the system, collect detailed information about the client, if necessary, call back, meet, write a letter. Sometimes it needs to be done several times.

Now imagine. The manager takes dozens of potential customers in a day. And each lead must call back to clarify the information, half of the leads need to write letters to clarify the timing of the order, with someone - to meet. Even if you record all the actions in order not to forget, the manager simply doesn’t have enough working time to reread all the cases, mark the done ones, record new cases, etc.

Something can help the electronic organizer in this situation. But in our opinion, there is a better solution to this problem — the automated business process (BP) in Bitrix24. How will the work of the manager change if the business process is launched?

Imagine a manager sitting at a computer. He is not required to work notebooks, organizers and other electronic assistants. He only works with Bitrix24. At the right time, a message comes to him - call Nikolay, yesterday he was interested in new equipment. After the call comes a message - write a letter to Nicholas, he asked about discounts. Then a message comes - tomorrow an appointment with Nikolai is scheduled. Then similar messages about Victor, Andrey, Oksana, Maria, Nikita, Eugene, Olga, ....

How does Bitrix24 know that you need to call one, write letters to others, set up a third meeting? All these messages, reminders - the result of the automated business process. The business process in Bitrix24 will not allow the manager to forget about the client, remind you that you need to perform certain actions - write a letter, call, make an appointment. BP will inform that it is necessary to fix the result of the appeal to the client, to enter new data into CRM.

2nd Business Process — Automate the processing of customer transactions

After the manager has processed the lead and a contact or company (if the person is a company representative) is generated on its basis, a transaction is usually created. Under the transaction can be understood various processes occurring in real business. For some companies, the transaction is a sequence:

Commercial offer - Contract - Invoice - Payment of invoice - Shipment of goods

For others, the process may look much longer:

Commercial offer - Contract - Technical assignment - Preparation of the project - Approval of the project - Invoice - Payment of the invoice - Production of products - Shipment of products

But here again there are problems. Different documents are prepared by various departments of the company, various employees. And so that the transaction does not slip, it is necessary that each employee for some time prepared everything, agreed, approved and in the appointed time handed over the documents to other employees. How to ensure the execution of all orders on time and at a predetermined time. It will also help automated business process of transaction. He will not allow documents to get stuck in some department, he will in time ensure the transfer of data from one employee to another, he will remind the employee to send a letter that there are certain tasks that need to be solved in the specified time.

3rd business process — Agreement negotiation within the company

Contracts are different, complex and long, important and very important. It so happens that the contract needs to be coordinated with the head of the department, then with the lawyer, then with the client, then again with the lawyer, then with the accountant, maybe again with the client, and then finally sign with the director.

The chain of approvals can be both shorter and longer, but the problem is still the same. The manager gives the agreement on the approval of the head of the department. The head of the department makes comments. The manager fixes. The head of the department checks and still makes comments. The manager fixes. The head of the department agreed and transfers to the lawyer. The lawyer makes comments. The manager corrects and gives the lawyer. A lawyer can still make comments, and then another, another and another. And such a ping-pong with a contract can last quite a long time.

And then another agreement must be coordinated with the client, with the accounting department, signed by the management. And at each stage there are possible returns for revision, revision, change. At the same time, we must not forget that the manager usually has dozens of clients with whom he actively works. How not to forget who has the latest version of the contract. To whom then the chain must transfer the contract. And there may also be various conditions for approval, for example, the contract for a million must be agreed upon by the head of the company's economic security service. The service contract is coordinated by the head of the marketing department, and the product supply contract is coordinated by the head of the production department.

It will also help automated business process. Depending on the conditions, the agreement on approval will be sent automatically to the necessary employees. In case of repeated changes, the business process itself will transfer the contract from one employee to another. When the final version is ready, it will inform all participants in the process that the agreement is ready and can be signed.

4th business process — Shipment and delivery of goods or services

Shipment and delivery of goods is a complex and time-consuming process. Here, the head of the sales department needs to prepare an order, associate with a warehouse or production department, and clarify the order configuration. Assign delivery times, give instructions to the employee to place an order and send it at a specified time to a pre-specified address. Hundreds of customers - hundreds of orders. And about each order you need to not forget, in time to complete and send.

To solve this problem, you can also create an automated business process in Bitrix24.

5th business process — Execution of documents for closing the transaction

Very often, when the contract has been signed a long time ago, the goods have been shipped or the project has been handed over, the money has been received, they forget to issue all the necessary documents for closing the transaction. Forget to sign the necessary acts of work performed, send extra. agreements that were adopted during the project, send the original documents.

The fifth business process will allow you to calmly and easily close the transaction with your partner, sign and send all the necessary documents on time.

We do not insist on the need to automate all the specified business processes in the company. But if you start gradually introducing automated business processes in your company, you will undoubtedly notice that paperwork will speed up significantly, downtime during order processing will decrease, the number of clients you have forgotten about will decrease, and KPI employees will grow.

But automation of business processes does not consist only in the creation of five main PSUs. In our practice, we have developed automated business processes for the following tasks:

- Conducting promotions;

- Technical opening of the outlet;

- Festive opening of the outlet;

- Coordination of awards to employees of the company;

- Processing incoming letters;

- Coordination of monthly, quarterly, annual reports;

- Approval of applications for the purchase of equipment;

- Reconciliation of invoices for payment;

- Shipment of products;

- Processing of claims for marriage;

- Return of products;

- Registration of applications for services;

- Accounting services;

and so forth


INTERVOLGARU specialization — integrated integration projects for the automation of business processes.

This article was translated automatically. We are working over improving the translation.

Please send your questions about the article to info@intervolga.ru

  • 04.07.2019