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CRM field level security in kanban view

INTERVOLGA develops ready-made apps for Bitrix24 CRM, which expand the capabilities of the CRM. 

We recently updated the CRM field access permissions module. 

The module hides or prohibits editing specific fields of CRM entities (Deal, Lead, Contact or Company) in Bitrix24 from specific users, user groups or departments. 

What's new in the CRM field access permissions module?

Field level security in Bitrix24 Kanban view

Before the update, permissions for editing CRM fields were only available in the CRM list view or the CRM entity’s detail page. 

With this update, when access restriction is set for any field, the restriction is also active in the kanban view. 

To understand how this works in more detail, let's look at CRM cards with limited access permissions and with full access permissions. 

CRM Kanban view for a Bitrix24 user with full access permissions: 

This employee can view 

  • responsible person;

  • lead sum;

For another employee, we set limited CRM field access permission for responsible person and amount, when the lead is in the first stage. 

But for the second stage, this same employee can see these fields.

Let's see how the CRM card has changed for an employee with limited access permission:

Fields that the user does not have access to are not displayed in the deal card. 

Access permission settings can also prevent the user from changing the stage of a deal or lead. 

When you try to change a lead or deal stage, a pop-up window will appear with an error message:


How to test the CRM field access permissions module

Send us a message requesting to try the module. We will grant you 14 days free access.

How to get field access permission in kanban feature installed in your module

If you have purchased the module before this latest update, fill out the application below and we will update the solution.

The cost of updating is $320

We can also customize the module to be used with new Bitrix24 entities. For example, user profiles or smart processes. 

If you need to restrict access according to entirely different rules, fill out the application form below, tell us what your requirements are and we will evaluate the customization of the module functionalities for your task.

  • 25.05.2022