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Twilio SMS to CRM module for Bitrix24 update: Multiplayer feature

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular CRM systems. Its versatility allows it be used in different industries. It can also be customized to suit the exact needs of any company - This is a sphere where INTERVOLGA has a ton of experience. We also develop custom add-ons, apps and modules to add extra features which your company needs but are lacking in Bitrix24. 

Earlier this year, we released our Twilio SMS to CRM module. The module helps Bitrix24 users send outbound (through Bitrix24 Open channels) and receive Twilio SMS in their CRM.

Our module supports an unlimited number of Bitrix24 users.

The newly added feature Is Multiplayer.

What is Twilio SMS to CRM Multiplayer?

Twilio SMS to CRM Multiplayer makes it possible for you to
  1. receive Twilio SMS in multiple numbers connected to your Bitrix24 account.
  2. See exactly which of the Twilio numbers receives an SMS from your clients.

Let’s say you run a real estate company with operations in different regions/cities. You decide to have a separate Twilio number for each city, say Twilio#1 for apartments in Los Angeles and Twilio#2 for apartments in New York.

With time, the volume of messages becomes so large, that manually looking for which of the clients wrote from LA, NY or any other city is a gross waste of time.

  1. You save time that would have otherwise been spent trying to sort out messages.

  2. You maintain uniformity in your SMS communication with clients. If the first message you sent to a client in NY was with Twilio#2, you will always write and respond to the client with Twilio#2.

  3. You develop even better relationships with clients because your conversations are a continuous thread.

Our Twilio SMS to CRM Module is available in the Bitrix24 Marketplace.

We offer a 14 day trial period.

INTERVOLGA loves to work on interesting projects and help the businesses of its customers!

Contact us at for all problems relating to integrating third-party systems with Bitrix24, and enquiries about our Twilio SMS to CRM module.

  • 14.11.2019