Daria Kireeva

Twilio SMS to CRM multiplayer update!

The Bitrix24 CRM system is popular among both realtors and software developers. Over time, Bitrix24 has become a valuable tool to companies whose work is based on the design principle.

INTERVOLGARU is here to tailor and customize the Bitrix24 system to the needs of your company!

Earlier this year, we wrote an article about how  INTERVOLGARU helped a fitness trainer communicate efficiently with his clients via SMSes, from the Bitrix24 portal.

Knowing that there is an integration between Bitrix24 and Twilio, which permits sending SMSes directly from the portal, we developed a script that makes it possible to save INCOMING messages in the portal so that no information is lost during communication.

After we published a case-study of our work, we started receiving several requests for a similar implementation. We then decided to develop a full-fledged “Twilio SMS to CRM” module. The module is installed on the cloud Bitrix24 and makes it possible to store incoming SMSes from clients in the portal. 

You can connect as many Twilio numbers as you need.

We recently expanded the features of our module, to make it even more suited to your needs.

The newly added feature makes it possible for you, a module user with multiple Twilio numbers to see EXACTLY WHICH OF YOUR TWILIO NUMBERS RECEIVED AN SMS FROM YOUR CLIENTS!

Why is this update important?

Let’s say you run a real estate company with operations in different regions/cities. You decide to have a separate Twilio number for each city, say Twilio#1 for apartments in Los Angeles and Twilio#2 for apartments in New York.

With time, the volume of messages becomes so large, that manually looking for which of the clients wrote from LA, NY or any other city is a gross waste of time.

With the newly added feature, in the notification about incoming SMS in the portal, you can now also tell the registered Twilio number that your client wrote to.

  1. You save time that would have otherwise been spent trying to sort out messages.

  2. You maintain uniformity in your communications with clients. If the first message you sent to a client in NY was with Twilio#2, you will always write and respond to the client with Twilio#2.

  3. You develop even better relationships with clients because your conversations are a continuous thread.  

The module is available in Russian and English in the Bitrix24 Marketplace.

We offer a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL period to help you get acquainted with the module and enable you to test its convenience!

INTERVOLGARU loves to work on interesting projects and help the businesses of its customers!

Contact us at info@intervolgaru.com for all problems relating to integrating third-party systems with Bitrix24, and enquiries about our Twilio SMS to CRM module.

  • 14.11.2019