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Manifesto of Bitrix24 implementation

How should Bitrix24 be implemented? Is it possible to be prepared for this task?

The implementation of a new system is always an answer to a specific problem. And the company managers and especially employees can rarely imagine a way to success.  

The successful implementation of Bitrix24 is based on proper work with people

We have analyzed a big amount of implementation projects and have prepared some recommendations regarding the technology of the successful implementation.

We have also prepared a guide to help you implement Bitrix24 successfully by yourself.

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is the internal space for data storage, discussion, decision-making and control. If such a space does not exist, the company loses time on waiting for decisions, agreements, mistakes.

1. Personal acquaintance.

If you are a customer, be sure to watch the presentation and Bitrix24 in person.  

Astonishing and diversified are the delusions concerning that what the system consists of and what it can be used for.

2. Two binding targets.

As a result of Bitrix24 implementation it will become easier for the employees to work and for the managers - to execute the control. Without the first part the implementation will be sabotaged, without the second one it will slide into chaos.

3. Main benefit.

The transfer of communications into Bitrix24 increases the transparancy, efficiency, strengthens the ties.  
The possibility for an employee to solve an issue promptly and for a manager to understand what is happening in "two clicks" is the main benefit of the implementation.

4. Main resource.

The main resource for the implementation is the wisdom and the will of the chief executive officer. Without the chief executive officer, wisdom or will the implementation is doomed.

5. Sequence of implementation.

We need to start with the simple and pleasent things and only after that to implement the control: the company's structure, internal communications,  activity stream,  tasks, executive discipline, activity reports, time tracking, accounting orders, workflow automation, application development.

6. Justification of innovations. “Give the time back to the people”.

The implementation must reduce the bureaucracy. The "lost" time must return and the efficiency must grow. It is normal, if the positive effect of every step occurs in a few months. It's not normal, if it is getting worse as the system is being implemented.

7. Implementation tempo and "tick-tack" strategy.

You cannot oblige everybody to work in a new way by "an order from the first day of month". The implementation by a "violent method" is poorly suitable for Bitrix24. The employees must get used to the system, see its benefits, want to work in it. The implementation must be phased. Every phase must include two steps:
- “tick” — involvement, "idea selling", start of use, everybody's positive emotions;
- “tack” — introduction of the standard, control and administration, slight "tightening the screws".

8. Control.

Control must be regular and cheap. There are a lot of possibilities in Bitrix24: time tracking, employees' reports,tasks counters, CRM funnel. Try to spend less than 5% of your time.

9. Instructions and projects. Executive discipline and reports on tasks.

For those who execute instructions or work on projects the main instruments here are tasks and working groups. In order to control their work you should use reports on the tasks.
In course of time the internal culture and the standard of working with tasks must be formed.

10. Process employees. Activity reports and time tracking.

There are process employees, they perform monotonous operations. These are, for example, accountants and programmers. For such employees there is no need of tasks for every action. 
For regular activities you should apply "task templates", for reforms - "long tasks".
The instruments of control are activity reports. Managers must necessarily assess the reports.
In course of time the internal standard of an activity report must be formed.

11. Workflow.

The workflow can be implemented after the involvement of employees in the permanent work with Bitrix24. The most useful is to implement the most common and standard actions in the workflow: invoice payments, recruitment, project start, order delivery, etc. It is necessary to start with simple processes.

12. Reports for management.

First, the data from the Excel tables and external systems need to be downloaded to the activity stream of the group or to the activity report in the form of screenshots. This enables to see and discuss the report from any device, eliminating the integration costs, remains flexible.

If the report form has been settled and if its labour intensity is high - you can think of the big automation.

13. Automation.

The big automation is launching of the KPI system in Bitrix24, connection with performance indicators, integration with external systems, entry of complex workflow, CRM reform.

Such actions shall be planned after involving all the employes and getting the Main benefit. 
In the cloud external applications shall be used for the Big automation.

14. Cloud or On-premise?

In the cloud you can get the Main benefit, check the power of the Main resource, complete all the steps of the Implementation sequence, establish Control, launch workflows and develop a set of your applications for the Big automation. Two binding targets can be achieved in the cloud within six months.

There are few arguments in favor of the box version, and you can always change the cloud for the box. But not backwards.


There is a wise thought that if the director can't manage the company, no program will be able to help him.
The opposite is true: an adequate manager can bring a lot of benefits by implementing Bitrix24.

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PS. This manifesto was written after many conversations with Sergey Ryzhikov, ideologist of Bitrix24 and CEO of Bitrix, Inc. 
He can safely be considered as the author of many provisions in this text.
  • 23.05.2016