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Lead processing in Salesforce and Bitrix24

When a company makes a decision to migrate from one CRM solution to another, it’s usually due to low performance, high cost of maintenance, data loss, lack of integration possibilities with other systems.

Bitrix24 is a CRM solution that offers high performance, has competitive pricing, is secure(you can even host the on-premise solution on your private servers), and is completely integratable with other systems.

Why choose INTERVOLGA for your Bitrix24 projects?
Because in the world, there are hundreds of Bitrix Partners, But only 15 of them have the competencies for Enterprise implementations. We are part of that 15. 

Let's start with the conclusion of this article: despite the global leadership and outstanding results of Salesforce CRM, Bitrix24 provides a solution of a comparable level.
When you migrate from any other CRM to Bitrix24, you can be sure that all your processes can be replicated in Bitrix24.

Lead processing in Salesforce and Bitrix24

For our example, we will use a real company which manufactures industrial refrigeration equipment. 

The basic task of any CRM is to collect inquiries (leads, prospects) through a web form and subsequently process them. 

Let’s compare Salesforce Lead processing and Bitrix24 lead processing.

Salesforce has a Lead Process set up.  You can create web-to-lead forms which can be embedded in your website. When a form is submitted, a new lead is created in Salesforce. After which you process and then convert them.

When using Salesforce, the process for collecting and converting leads looks like this:

  1. A new lead/ prospect fills and submits a form on your website 

  2. A new lead appears in the Assistant on the homepage of the portal in Salesforce.

  3. In the “leads” section, you can view all leads. You can view them in a table, kanban, or split.

  4. You can convert a lead only through the lead card

  5. After processing, a lead can be converted into an account, contact or opportunity.

  6. On the accounts page, you can see the newly created account and opportunity from the lead.

Lead processing in Bitrix24

After migrating to Bitrix24, the same process will look like this:

  1. Filling out the feedback form on your website.

  2. The assigned responsible people for new leads receive a notification in Bitrix24 about a CRM form submission on the website.

  3. The new lead is added to the CRM. Here and below, two types of presentations are available in deals: Kanban and list.

  4. The lead is processed by moving it through the stages. Each stage is a reflection of the company’s workflow for processing new inquiries.

    At the last stage, the lead can be converted into a good or bad lead.

  5. A good lead can be converted into different entities: deal, company, contact, and a combination of them.

  6. If your company has different directions or categories (referred to as Sales pipelines in Bitrix24) of deals, you can convert a good lead to any of them.

  7. On creation of a deal, the pre-assigned responsible person for deals in this pipeline receives a notification.

  8. The deal then moves through stages, thereby moving it forward along the sales funnel. Deal in Kanban view:

The bottom line is, When you migrate from Salesforce or any other CRM to Bitrix24, all your processes can be duplicated.

Bitrix24 advantages in lead capturing from a website into the CRM:

  1. the interface is simpler;

  2. You can customize settings if necessary;

  3. You can choose from cloud and on-premise versions, which allows you to choose the optimal solution based on your company’s size, requirements, and other factors;

  4. The on-premise version is highly customizable;

  5. Friendly and intuitive interface;

  6. One of the most affordable CRMs;

  7. You don’t need to pay for functionalities you won’t use;

Bitrix24 offers a free cloud version for unlimited users. There’s also an option to activate a Professional plan for 15 days to allow you to test and evaluate it before making a commitment.


You can migrate from any CRM system to Bitrix24 with the confidence that your processes will be preserved. 

INTERVOLGA will help you migrate, customize Bitrix24 to your needs, and integrate Bitrix24 with other systems you use.

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  • 09.08.2022