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Must Have Features In Your CRM

Two of the major challenges facing companies that transitioned online as a result of the pandemic are
  1. How to deliver quality personal service to their customers without face to face interaction
  2. How to manage staff and ensure each employee is working towards the same goal without them being in the same location.
It’s true that technology can cause exponential growth to companies. However, business owners and leaders must also guard these important aspects of running a business. Fortunately, there are now a lot of CRM systems or customer relationship management systems available online.

What are the features and objectives of CRM tools? Its most basic definition is any technology in the form of a system or an app that aims to manage all your relationships and interactions with clients and potential customers.

Today, 91% of businesses with at least 10 employees use a CRM. That’s because it enhances business relationships and operations by giving organizations a more streamlined way to interact with their leads and customers. A CRM system enables companies to engage their customers, simplify processes, and increase income generation. 

With Bitrix24 CRM, you can do much more than manage your clients. With a Bitrix24 On-premise version, you have access to the source code of the system and can implement any business tool you need right in Bitrix24.

Better Businesses with Bitrix24 

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If you use a Bitrix24 CRM, here are some must have tools for your business 

1. Two-way SMS integration

Why is Two-way SMS important? Because in 2022, 70% of customers subscribe to SMS marketing, and 61% say they want the ability to text the business back. According to survey results1 in 3 consumers check their text notifications within one minute of receiving a text, and 85% of consumers check their texts within 1-5 minutes of receiving a text.

Email marketing however, is on the decline -  In 2021, only 41.5% of brands say that email marketing is critical to business success. That figure in 2020 was 78%! (research conducted by Litmus)

In Bitrix24 CRM, it is possible to send and receive SMS using Twilio and "Twilio SMS to CRM" module from INTERVOLGA.

When you create a Twilio account, you can buy a twilio number, which you can use for sending SMS from Bitrix24. 

To receive SMS, install our Twilio SMS to CRM module from the Bitrix24 market.

Other features of the module include :

  1. Sending and receiving SMS in a continuous chat thread using Bitrix24 Open channels
  2. You can manage different twilio numbers for the different offices of your business using one module
  3. You can choose what CRM entity to create (lead, contact) when you receive an SMS from an unknown number. 
  4. You can send and receive MMS
    twilio inbound open lines

2. Business Processes Automation 

Business processes are essential for any company to thrive and to continue running, and digital tools can help that. That’s why the business process management industry has grown to $11.84 billion. In the past, companies hired different people for different tasks important to the organization to deliver their products and services. Business processes like opening a branch, applications for leave, purchase of equipment, employee onboarding, document and contract approvals were done manually. 

But with the rise of CRM systems, one employee is all it takes to do a multitude of tasks efficiently with the help of business process automations. This is one of the most helpful CRM features and benefits that Bitrix24 offers to businesses. 

There are 5 business processes that every serious company should automate:
  1. lead management
  2. sales automation
  3. contract negotiation
  4. shipping and delivery
  5. document preparation.

3. HR management system

This is even more important now that remote and hybrid work systems have come to stay. 

Employees constantly need to be hired, onboarded, trained and certified. During their lifecycle at the company, they should also have access to some services - request for leave, work equipment, organize document approvals, and so on. 

To meet this need, some companies are introducing new systems. This is not the best idea for a couple of reasons

  1. it is more expensive, 
  2. Employees need to learn a new system
  3. It's not convenient switching between systems when working. 

In Bitrix24 On-premise, it's possible to have your own HR system integrated. 

We recently published the first HR system for Bitrix24 "INTERVOLGA- RAE". 

The system is delivered in a module, which is installed in your Bitrix24 CRM. 

INTERVOLGA - RAE automates employee Recruiting, Adaptation(onboarding) and Education (training).

Some features include:

  1. Integrating your Bitrix24 with job placement sites using a plugin. With one click, resumes of eligible job candidates are imported and saved to Bitrix24. All future actions with the candidate are carried out in Bitrix24. 
  2. Custom reports for HR managers
  3. managing vacancies


4. Field level security 

Data security and confidentiality are important. 

In Bitrix24, it is possible to hide CRM entities completely from employees who do not work with them. For example, an employee in the production department of a company will have no access to leads, deals, contacts or companies in the CRM.

But sometimes, it is necessary for an employee to have access to some fields of a CRM entity, without having access to others. 

How do you solve this? 

We created a field level security module for Bitrix24. - "CRM field level Permissions".

CRM field Access permission module helps you to restrict the access of Bitrix24 users, user groups, or entire departments to specific fields in CRM cards, while granting them access (viewing or editing) to other fields on the same CRM card.

The security and confidentially of fields is always guaranteed. Employees have access to only the information they need for their work at every time.


Building stronger Businesses

The reason behind the CRM features list is to help you build a stronger business by providing you with all the tools you need. INTERVOLGA specializes in developing solutions that solve complex business problems. We have all Bitrix24 competencies as certified by Bitrix Inc.  

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  • 15.03.2022