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Must Have Features In Your Bitrix24 CRM

One of the major challenges facing companies that transitioned online is how to deliver quality and personal customer service to their clients without face-to-face interaction. It’s true that technology can cause exponential growth to companies. However, business owners and leaders must also guard this important aspect of running a business. Fortunately, there are now a lot of CRM systems or customer relationship management systems available online.

What are the features and objectives of CRM tools? Its most basic definition is any technology in the form of a system or an app that aims to manage all your relationships and interactions with clients and potential customers. 

Today, over 87% of businesses use a cloud-based CRM. That’s because it enhances business relationships and operations by giving organizations a more streamlined way to interact with their leads and customers. A CRM system enables companies to engage their customers, simplify processes, and increase income generation. 

Better Businesses with Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 is one of today’s most powerful business tools. Bitrix24’s services were launched as a beta cloud-based service in April 2012. Up to this day, they are still helping businesses become better in delivering their products and services to their clients. 

What Bitrix24 does is provide an arsenal of tools for social collaboration, communication, and management for teams, the services acknowledged for being easy to use and understand. The CRM features and benefits of Bitrix24 include file sharing, project management, calendars, and more.

You can search the Internet about the CRM features comparison but all throughout these years, Bitrix24 has been pushing the limits to improve their technology with proven effectiveness. Years of hard work and brilliant ideas have led them to come up with one-of-a-kind features that are unique to them. You can find a lot of CRM features list but here are three of the most sought-after features in Bitrix24, all of which are incredibly helpful to businesses. 

1. Two-way SMS integration

Before Two-way SMS integration, businesses could send SMS to their clients, but their clients couldn’t respond. With the latest iteration of the CRM platform, it’s now possible. This feature happens via a deep integration on Bitrix24 using Twilio. Accordingly, that results in increasing client and customer engagement. This enhances the interaction between companies and their clients, positively affecting customer experience and satisfaction. 

2. Business Processes Automation 

Business processes are essential for any company to thrive and to continue running, and digital tools can help that. That’s why the business process management industry has grown to $11.84 billion. In the past, companies hired different people for different tasks important to the organization to deliver their products and services. Business processes like opening a branch, applications for leave, purchase of equipment, employee onboarding, document and contract approvals were done manually. 

But with the rise of CRM systems, one employee is all it takes to do a multitude of tasks efficiently with the help of business process automations. This is one of the most helpful CRM features and benefits that Bitrix24 offers to businesses. 

There are 5 business processes that every serious company should automate.

3. HR integration

Companies today are now starting to see the importance of digitizing a human resource department. Doing so enables HR professionals to provide a significant contribution to the company’s growth and development. Various automations and artificial intelligence-based capabilities enable HR departments to make more informed decisions and streamline recruitment, on-boarding, and people development processes. This affects the company through the people they hire, but they also affect the company through the employees they develop. 

In recent months, the INTERVOLGA has received many requests to turn Bitrix24 into an HR portal with the following features:

  • Hiring and On-boarding Staff. These functions are just two of the many important contributions of the HR department to the company. Putting a system in play increases the company’s efficiency to hire the right people and align their new hires to the values and culture of the company. 

  • Employee Training and Certification. Staff development or growing the company’s workforce by conducting various training and certification not only increases the quality of the service they deliver but also the morale of their own employees. Having this in the CRM features list assures the continuous improvement of the company. 

  • 360-Degree Feedback. This term is used to refer to how feedback is given in the company. Giving a 360-degree feedback allows employees to overcome their blindspots, allowing them to become a more effective part of the workforce. Including this in the CRM features list gives employees the opportunity to receive healthy and helpful feedback and also reinforces its value. 

Building Better Client Relationships

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. The unique features of Bitrix24 started from a problem that needed to be solved or a challenge that needed to be overcome. The reason behind the CRM features list is to build better relationships with partners and clients. Behind all the CRM features and benefits are clients who have an important need to be met and an effective system that allows companies to deliver their products and services.

  • 15.03.2022