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Twilio SMS to CRM module update: Choose what CRM entity to create

You may remember how Our Twilio SMS to CRM module story started, or not? let’s take a trip down memory lane...

About a year ago, one of our customers, an Australian coach contacted us with a problem. He used the free cloud version Bitrix24 to manage trainings. He communicated with his clients via Twilio (an SMS provider integrated into Bitrix24 using a virtual SMS number).

Twilio sent his messages successfully, customers read them, but couldn’t reply because Bitrix24 does not receive messages from Twilio. 

He wanted his clients to be able to reply to his messages, or sometimes even chat with them. This led us to create the very first version of Twilio SMS to CRM.

Version 1.0

  1. We implemented 2-way SMS communication between Bitrix24 and Twilio, making it possible for Bitrix24 to receive SMSes from Twilio and display them on the CRM “lead card” page.

  2. Notification of an incoming SMS is sent to the responsible person for existing clients, and for new clients(unknown numbers), the notification is sent to all Bitrix24 users.

Shortly after, we released Version 2.0. 

  1. We added a feature that makes it possible for module users with multiple Twilio numbers to see exactly which of their Twilio numbers received an SMS from their clients. 

This feature is very useful for companies with operations in different regions/cities and manages each city with a different number. this makes it easy to tell which office enquiries or messages are meant for.

The next version was 3.0 - number standardization

  1. The module can now find previously saved customer numbers, even in distorted forms.

Today, we’re here to announce Version 4.0, and with it comes the following possibility

The option to choose which entity to create when an unknown SMS comes into the portal - LEAD (set by default) or CONTACT.

You can now choose if you would like to save an unknown number as a CONTACT - so as to ease subsequent transactions with them, and 


as a LEAD -  to quickly complete a transaction.

This lead can then be converted to a CONTACT at any time. 

What’s next? YOU DECIDE.
As our Customers, you can tell us what features you’d like to see next.

You can get our module HERE for a ONE-TIME fee of $270 or €247. We offer a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL, during which you can test ALL these features. 

After purchase, Your version will be AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED with all new updates as we release them.
Here’s the Installation guide and our  HELP page, should you have any questions.

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  • 04.02.2020