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Become a sales leader in your industry with Bitrix24 CRM

Implementing a sales CRM will provide your sales personnel with all the tools they need to make more sales, close deals faster, and increase your customer database.  You will have everything you need  to be sales leader.

Why implement Bitrix24 in the sales department?

You need to implement and configure a Sales CRM if:

  • It's difficult to understand the status of deals without the help of the responsible person;
  • Sales personnel constantly forget to carry out activities that will move deals forward;
  • There is no comprehensive history of correspondence between sales personnel and customers;
  • There is no standard work procedure or guideline for sales personnel;
  • Managers spend a lot of time on routine tasks - on sending emails, on manual creation of proposals and documents needed by sales personnel;
  • The Marketing department doesn't have information to help plan marketing activities.
Ultimately, without a Sales CRM implementation, it's impossible to scale sales.
If the goal of your company is growth, digitalizing your sales department is a NECESSITY.

Approaches to 

Bitrix24 implementation for the sales department?

We have two approaches to Bitrix24 implementation for Sales departments

Creating a Sales department from Scratch

In this approach, we first carry out an analysis. We survey of business customers, setting functional requirements, and studying the company's IT infrastructure
You share your business problem with us, and we will offer professional advice on which tools to use.
Aside implementation of the sales department, this method could also include integrations with external systems and staff training

Talk with a specialist

Refinement of the existing system

This option is suitable when there is already an existing system which sales managers already use, but need assistance in improving processes. We provide technical expertise (how to solve the problem faster and better in Bitrix24

The minimum amount of work that allows you to dynamically build a system is 100 hours per month ($5000 / month)

Discuss improvements

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  • Complex integrations (1C, AD, ERPs, queue services, etc.)
  • Complex improvements while maintaining updatability
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  • We teach others to how to customize Bitrix24
  • We develop Ready-made solutions
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