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How to modify Bitrix24 correctly

Nothing is worse than a fool with initiative.

Aircraft designer Andrey Tupolev.

The on-premise version of Bitrix24 in skilled hands is an excellent tool for fast process automation.

As the power and adaptability of Bitrix24 become more and more evident, a lot more enterprises are implementing Bitrix24 and requesting for adjustments that would make the system better suited to their needs.

From the start, Bitrix24 was created to be used “as -is”, not as a “product for mass modification”. Only a few people really understand how it was made, and are able to add new functions to it correctly. So, although, on paper, there are over 10 thousand companies that claim to be able to develop this powerful system,  in reality, just a handful have the required skills and can modify Bitrix24 correctly. We are one of the handful, and our claim is proven by our “track record

The essence of the article in one paragraph:

Bitrix24 is a powerful and cleverly designed system. Avoid amateurs when dealing with complex systems.

INTERVOLGARU is one of the best Bitrix24 development contractors. Why?

Because we

  1. possess all possible Bitrix24 competencies from the vendor.

  2. have the required competencies for "Large implementations" and the rights to develop Enterprise projects

  3. have 1000+ completed projects (each one, having several hundred completed tasks).

INTERVOLGARU specialists have the technical know-how to make modifications correctly. We are the creators of key training courses for developers released by Bitrix Inc:

● Business Processes;

● Correct customization of the on-premise version of Bitrix24;

● End-to-End Analytics;

● CRM Marketing.

We help businesses earn more by automating their processes.

What can be modified in Bitrix24 on-premise

The on-premise version is a unique feature of Bitrix24.

No other CRM offers its customers an on-premise version (In essence, a personal copy of the cloud service).

Bitrix24 not only provides this opportunity but also allows you to change the logic of the system as you see fit!

In this article, we will tell you how to do so correctly.

1. Custom reports. What a constructor can't do

For any business, deals, tasks, and projects are important. Running a business means seeing results and making decisions. The Bitrix24 report builder is a very useful tool. If you need more functionalities than it offers, get the on-premise version of B24 and then, write to us to create custom reports.

Examples of reports that you will NOT receive out of the box:

  1. Business process report - states, statuses, etc.

  2. Report on “time deal spent in stages”

  3. Summary report from different parts of the system - tasks, CRM, and calls together.

  4. Reports with information from external systems - link the cost price of  a product from an external product base with the deal price in B24.

These are some examples of what we have implemented correctly. Correctly here means using the right technologies and doing so efficiently.

2. New pages and entities. What the Bitrix24 Application and REST API can't do

Bitrix24 has several standard tables where you can store data and build business processes:

● User

● Department

● Work Group or Project

● Task

● Work report for a day, week, or month

● Calendar Appointments

In the CRM section, the following entities are used:

● Company

● Contact

● Lead

● Deal

● Invoice

● Commercial offer

● Printable Template Document

● Product from the Product Catalog

● Activities (call, email, meeting)

● Sales plan

Sometimes, however, businesses have tasks that often go beyond the capabilities of standard Bitrix24 tables. As a rule, you need to create several new entities and logic for working with them. This is acceptable practice.

An example of a new entity with a special interface.

A good developer must bear in mind the data structure of the system with which he is working. It looks something like the picture below.

If you need a new entity in B24, ask the developer 2 questions

  1. what will the new entity be connected to?

  2. How is he going to make the connection?

If the response is silence, it is worth taking a step back.

Now, we'll tell you how to do it correctly.

1. Interface change: buttons, custom field types, links

Bitrix24 company tries to make the product convenient for every industry, for everyone - and on average, as we wrote above, it covers most of the business needs. But the industry-specific features have to be taken into account by an integrator - the company that adapts the standard solution to the specifics of the customer.

An example of a revision: “add a new status “at Customs” to tasks, and link the CRM deal with the project”.

This can only be done in the on-premise version of the system.

Usually a task list looks like a table. It is good practice to "highlight" tasks which can be solved by simply tweaking settings in green, tasks which require programming in yellow, and tasks which are best not implemented- red.

2. Integrating Bitrix24 with accounting systems 1C and other ERP

Data exchange and synchronization with any atypical 1C accounting system in many cases can be implemented in the cloud version of Bitrix24. Standard modules help well in standard situations for basic entities and at low loads.

We implemented a large project (200 hours of work) - B24  integration with 1C, Google services and telephony.

Bitrix24 API capabilities are sufficient for working with standard entities. The on-premise version is needed when you need to develop your own web services for new entities.

If you need to create new entities, you need an on-premise version and its correct modification.

Can sales personnel do their work in Bitrix24 instead of a separate dedicated system like 1C? Is this possible?

Why does a company need to synchronize their product cataloging system or any other system used by sales personnel with Bitrix24? What do they stand to benefit?

For one, it simplifies the work of sales department.

Bitrix24 allows employees to work on a simpler interface than most accounting systems 1C for example, while the management monitors and controls the process.

To make sales personnel really comfortable, you need to solve all their problems comprehensively - Set up a sales system, debugging processes, developing and implementing regulations for sellers - everything is important.

The system should be user-friendly, simple and intuitive for the seller. A bank will not be able to work in CRM tailored for the film industry, and vice versa. The workers of each industry need systems that are developed with them as the focus.

To achieve this, you need to refine the interface of the programs they’ll be using, remove unnecessary buttons and menu items – in essence, simplify the systems, and do this step by step.

3. Standard modules and their limitations

In Russia, since 1C is the most popular ERP system, Data exchange between Bitrix24 and 1C is often a requirement when implementing B24 for companies. Usually, integrators need to start with standard modules for integrating Bitrix24 with 1C. The functions of these modules are most times insufficient.

What standard modules can't do:

●       Send custom fields, entities and statuses;

●       Take into account the specifics of the enterprise (for example, 2 legal entities in one 1C: Enterprise Accounting);

●       Work with large amounts of data;

●       Support 1C configurations that are highly modified for business tasks, especially outdated ones.

Any task of information exchange between B24 and 1C can be achieved only in an on-premise version by creating your own exchange mechanism.

The same applies for exchange between B24 and other ERPs – SAP Business One,  NetSuite, Sage, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne etc.

4. Two-way online synchronization of Bitrix24 with ERPs in real time. Myth or reality?

We’ll use 1C as our case study here.

There is an opinion that synchronization with 1C takes a long time, and is unreliable.


For many years, only long and capricious "file exchanges" between 1C and other systems were available. Users had to deal with multiple errors and wait for the "full unload" to be completed.

Well, Times have changed!

If your programmers are not able to create two-way online synchronization of two systems in real time, or they give you a ridiculously large time estimation, claiming that they need to configure and debug file exchange, then it is worth considering their qualifications.

Two-way real time exchange is an expensive but effective solution.

We have specialists in both Bitrix and ERP systems like 1C, Sage. We will collect the requirements, design and launch such an exchange. This is not a myth.

When is it time to change the system interface and logic

Bitrix24 can be used "as is" in the cloud version. After the correct basic implementation, employees can begin to work in the system, and the business begins to reap the benefits – more conversions and sales, more profit.

We have many examples of this:

1. Implementation for a construction company

2. Implementation for an IT company

3. Implementation for a Large Enterprise

4. Implementation for a fitness Centre

"We're acquainted with Bitrix24. However, it wouldn't be of much benefit to our company as we have our own specifics"

Specifics apply not only to each individual industry, but sometimes to individual businesses within the same industry. Some things may need to be adjusted: either the company’s processes or the system according to the processes.

Whatever you choose, we will help:

●       Set up processes in the company so as not to redo the system. Suitable for small companies without refined accounting systems and newly established businesses. This is the basic implementation and setup of business processes in Bitrix24.

●       Change the logic of the standard components and add new functions.

Examples of specifics that need to be taken into account and implemented in the system:

●       The responsible person for a task is not a specific person, but whoever is on duty or call;

●       There are "temporary deputies", chosen according to the company’s vacation schedule;

●       Discounts depend on the sales volume of the previous quarter;

●       The possibility of a cargo shipment should be checked in real time within 1C.

“We have totally different processes from other companies: instead of leads, we have media plans, shipments and also personal prices"

Very often companies use unique terms and documents. For example:

●       Media plans are used in the advertising business. This is not really a deal, more like a project with stages, deadlines and results. Bitrix24 does not have a ready-made page for media plans and their analytics.

●       Shipments are needed by trading companies. Bitrix24 can generate several types of forms, but there are no tools for convenient work with orders, shipments and debt management.

In addition, many companies need the ability to specify different prices for different customers in the catalog or give discounts depending on the volume of the customers’ orders.

In Bitrix24, there are currently no such features. INTERVOLGARU knows how to add them.

Please do not pay attention to the language, this was for a Russian client.
In the magnified section, we can see different prices for different customers

"We already have an old system we use, why should we invest in a new CRM?"

Often, a company already has a system in which managers work.

For example, an Excel document for calculating margins or a customized section in the ERP for managing groupage cargo.

The business has already invested money in this program and does not want to spend more developing a new one. What should be done in this situation? There is no easy way.

If such a question arises at all, then there is pain (an inadequacy of the current system), which can manifest in various forms - loss of data, lack of proper control, regular inconvenience that slows down work - that is, the inevitable loss of time and money.

There are 2 solutions that we successfully apply:

●       We transfer the calculation logic to Bitrix24, and your managers will have a simpler interface to work with.

●       Fast online information exchange between systems is possible. For example, if an ERP checks the availability of goods in the supplier's warehouse and a Finance Management system gives permission for a discount for the client, there needs to be a connection between the systems. This way, when carrying out an operation in B24, the ERP and the finance Management systems will respond in real time without the manager leaving B24.

How NOT to make modifications to Bitrix24 code - Bad advice

So, you come to the conclusion that you need Bitrix24, but the state it is in, out of the box isn’t sufficient. You decide that you will change the logic of Bitrix24 " to suit your needs". Your tech guys/programmers agree with you and asked for just a little amount of money, No questions asked.

Would you like us to tell you what awaits you?

Here are some modification “plans” they might have.

1. Change the Bitrix core

This is an absolute NO!

Good Bitrix24 programmers know that “modifying the kernel” is WRONG.

When creating websites and online stores, it is quite easy to make improvements without touching the core. In Bitrix24 there is more logic and the temptation to "go into the core and fix it" is very great.

Almost all projects that we work on after other programmers have kernel edits in them.This brings the client a halt after each update and painful debugging in “ping-pong” mode. Your integrator will be scolded by Bitrix Inc. and Bitrix24 technical support, and you will have to wait, unable to use your CRM, waste time and suffer loss.

Modifying your CRM, which was supposed to bring you a business growth point, in the end, gets you a loss point.

Do not allow your integrator to change the core of the product.

Would you like to know how to test your integrator?

Share this article on social networks, and we will send you

1. a checklist for the correct modification of Bitrix24 and

2. instructions for checking the quality of the work done.

2. To Edit standard Bitrix24 components   

Capital NO

Let's imagine that you need to add a new button "At checkpoint" to the Bitrix24 task card. What does a junior developer who considers themselves a guru do?

They make a copy of the standard component and then edit the standard component. Theoretically speaking, the core of the product is still in place. The decision is correct if this was an online store.

However, for Bitrix24, this is WRONG. Bitrix declines updating such systems.

The 1C-Bitrix company updates Bitrix24 about once a month, and every six months there are large updates.

Don't allow your integrator to freeze the system. When Bitrix releases something particularly useful, you will have to incur unexpected costs.

For example, a major update of an incorrectly modified Bitrix24 may require 100 hours of work.

The right approach allows a business to control costs, automate processes and earn more.

3. To Create copies of CRM pages? 

No, Don’t!

Programmers also like to create copies of entire sections of Bitrix24 and edit them "a little". This is fraught with compatibility issues, owing to the fact that there are 2 copies of the same code.

Don't allow your integrator to clutter up your system. This would make maintenance of the system more expensive.

Would you like to check the quality of your modified on-premise Bitrix24?
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1. a checklist of the correct modification and
2. instructions for checking the work quality.

Problems that arise due to wrong modification

Thoughtless tinkering with Bitrix code leads to errors. Let's look at a few examples.


Conflicts between revisions

Example: programmers add 200 additional fields to the deal card. Then they programmed a heavy report on the effectiveness of managers which displays all the added fields. After that, they downloaded 10,000 old deals from 1C or another system.

Result - 

The report does not open. 

Even in the absence of managers in the system - and, consequently, the extra load of tracking their effectiveness - CRM pages still do not open.

How does a competent integrator work?

  1. A good integrator will delve into work, map out a development strategy taking the current architecture of the system into consideration.

  2. Assess the consequences of each change and discuss the consequences with the customer, and put aside resources for optimization.

  3. Tests modifications under high load - Manually and automatically.

Bitrix24, adapted to the specifics of a company, is a tool for growth. Trying to economize on proper design and testing will deprive you of stability.


Bitrix24 updates break everything

Bitrix24 updates must be performed carefully, at a time specially allotted for such operations. Each update needs to be carried out first on a test copy of the portal.

The goal is that updates should not affect the standard logic, or any previously made modifications to the system.

If your business is rendered idle regularly due to the work of programmers, it's time to change something. Check out the revision quality checklist at the end of the article.

Performance is degraded with every new revision.

On-premise Bitrix24 works well with hundreds of thousands of deals, companies and products. But non-systemic revisions or modifications can slow it down even in the absence of load.

Example: you wanted to set up “View rights” to deal value and markup percentage for different user groups. The programmer implemented the revision suboptimally and as a result, even when viewing even 20 deals in the CRM list, you get an error. The server load increased and the system stopped opening completely.

How to Modify Bitrix24 On-premise CORRECTLY. Best practices

We have discussed the importance of revising Bitrix24б as well as "how not to" revise it.

Now, we’ll share The RIGHT way to revise Bitrix24 and in doing so, differentiate the work of a professional from an enthusiastic amateur.

Changing the interface gloved gracefully.

INTERVOLGARU developed a technology to replace any standard element of the system interface with special ones. This technology allows you to install updates without losing logic.

The qualifications of INTERVOLGARU’s specialists are confirmed by the fact that our approach is described in webinars published on the Bitrix website. We are pros at this and are ready to help you test your programmers and the quality of their work. 

For this, we usually carry out a “Solution Audit”.

Modules and installers are the only way to go.

Business thrives on stability and predictability of work. Confidentiality and regulation are important.

Therefore, any changes to the logic of the system should be developed as modules. This way, you can limit the access points of the programmer. Asides that, each module will have a settings page, where you can turn them on and off by clicking a button. 

Naturally, a module must have an installer and the ability to be correctly uninstalled.

Bitrix24 is a system for the mature, therefore, Programmers working with it, must also be mature.

In many of our projects, the programmer does not need access to the client's Bitrix24 at all. The clients’ IT department installs and updates our modules by themselves. With this approach, the question of information confidentiality does not arise at all.

This method is a bit more expensive, but its advantages are well worth it.

Follow the vendor's rules

All INTERVOLGARU specialists undergo special training to carry out modifications correctly. Our lead programmers and analysts are the creators of key educational materials released by 1C-Bitrix:

  • Business Processes Course;

  • The correct customization of Bitrix24 on-premise version;

  • End-to-End Analytics Course.

Our internal knowledge base contains a lot of information on common Bitrix24 tasks and architecture.

How to assess developers and the work done in your portal? Checklist

Adequate assessment of the expertise of your contractors and employees is an important aspect of making the right decisions in business.

We will teach you how to validate developers and their work.

How do you install updates on the on-premise version?

Assessment of your programmers and their work

  • You don’t.
    Your portal no longer has the ability to install   updates, despite the fact that updates fix vulnerabilities.
    Your developers didn’t think of safety.

Don't do that

This is bad!

  • You developers install it themselves, sometimes, but  something always goes wrong.
    They do not make backups

  • Sometimes telephony or mailing stops working, and you have to update something urgently. Work is halted, while you wait for programmers and Tech support.

  • Directly on the production server, without first carrying out the update on a test copy.

  • A copy of the system database is made every day, and a full copy is prepared weekly.

  • Bitrix24 is hosted on a server with an "instantaneous backup" function, you don't have to wait 10 hours for a rollback

  • The history of code change is preserved through the version control system.

  • Installation of updates is carried out during the agreed period, and according to a schedule outside of working hours.

    • preparing a list of revisions;

    • determine who is responsible for testing them after the update;

    • make a copy of the portal;

    • update the copy;

    • test the copy;

    • make edits to the revisions improvements;

    • update the production server at the agreed time.

  • After each update, the system is checked for errors.

  • System speed is monitored automatically.

  • In case of problems with any module, it is safely deactivated or deleted.

Great choice

You are an INTERVOLGARU’s SLA service client

You will receive a complete list of questions for verification of your integrator if you share this article on social networks and fill out the form below the article.

Performance Monitor

Run the performance monitor built into Bitrix24. The picture should not be very different from this (do not pay attention to the language, this is an international project):

Performance Monitor

Or this

Performance panel

Pay special attention to the performance drawdown during business hours, when the average time to open a popular page is more than 2 seconds.

You will receive a complete list of questions for verification if you share the article on social networks and fill out the form below the article.

How to organize work according to the most frequent tasks

INTERVOLGARU has been working with 1C-Bitrix technologies for over 10 years. We have accumulated extensive experience in analyzing, staging, designing and implementing new functions in Bitrix24. We are ready to share our design templates.

You will receive all of the following documents in the form of templates if you share the article on social networks and fill out the form under the article.

  • An example of a Technical Specifications Document

  • Business process development brief

  • Bitrix24 integration brief

  • technical specifications for the implementation of Bitrix24 Corporate portal.

Add new functions in your Bitrix24.

I understand all you’ve explained, how do I start? What you need to do before starting Bitrix24 Modification.

A competent integrator separates reasonable changes from redundant ones, teaches the client to use basic capabilities correctly and creates new ones when needed.

In reality, no more than 20% of tasks require system modifications. Be wary of integrators who respond to any refinement request with "sure, let’s do it."

Adding functions to the system and automating processes using Bitrix24 can make your business more efficient. You’ll work faster, gain more market share, make more money and avoid problems - if you follow our advice and work according to our checklist.

We are professionals in the development of the on-premise version of Bitrix24.

To order new Bitrix24 functions, CLICK HERE

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