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Incoming SMS within Bitrix24

Implementations There is an Australian coach. He uses free cloud version Bitrix24 for managing trainings. Bitrix24 sent info SMS to clients using Twilio ( https://www.twilio.com/ ) as the SMS provider.  Currently there is an SMS integration between Twilio and Bitrix24. The problem is that Bitrix24 not receive the messages from Twilio or no two way SMS communication. Incoming SMS was available at Twilio Personal Account only.

Case of Bitrix24 integration for Prestalatino company


Prestalatino gives out micro loans in Mexico. This company successfully operates in Russia and enters the market of several developing countries. Below we will discuss the entry into the market of Latin America - the Prestalatino project.

The client invests in automation and business processes. To be faster and more efficient, they actively use online databases and services. Starting with the bailiffs' database and ending with the automatic transfer of the debtor’s case to court.

Synchronizing Bitrix24 with Active Directory. Problems and solutions


This material is of relevance for synchronizing self-hosted Bitrix24 with Active Directory and LDAP.

The article is long, so let us start with the conclusion. We often have to solve the task of synchronizing Active Directory with Bitrix24. The tools needed are available, but some additional setups are required. This article is about fine-tuning methods and solving problems related to such informational exchange.  

We will consider a specific example. Our customer is a large production company. There is a configured domain controller and Active Directory with a list of users.   

The task is to transfer users to Bitrix24 and set up synchronization. For the purpose of synchronizing information from the user fields and during user deactivation in Active Directory, it was deactivated in Bitrix24.

The self-hosted Bitrix24 version has a standard module for this task - “AD/LDAP integration”.

Prior to synchronization, this module needs to be installed or updated.

It is possible to set up periodic synchronization. The basic setup makes it possible to define periodicity only in hours. We set synchronization for every hour. It makes sense to increase this time to 24 hours after portal setup is complete, as Active Directory data normally seldom change.

Important! The synchronization itself occurs only after user authentication at the portal. If the user has not visited the portal, it is necessary to press ‘Activate’ in the user list to enforce synchronization. Otherwise, the user will not be synchronized until they enter the portal.

CRM Bitrix24 in 2018


Developers of cloud-based CRM Bitrix 24 are quick in reacting to changes in demand and often release new versions.

Another large-scale update was presented in spring, 2018.

Let us go over all the new features in detail.

In this article:

  • What is the most important thing about the Bitrix24 Hong Kong update?

  • How will the work of clients and implementers change?

  • Which new market is Bitrix gaining a foothold in?

The most important question is who stands to gain from using Bitrix24? What sort of companies should adopt Bitrix24? What does the future hold? 

Bitrix24 migration: Cloud-to-self-hosted


Why "migrate" from the cloud version of Bitrix24 to the on-premise edition, how to prepare correctly for the migration and what surprises you may be waiting for along the way - we will try to understand in the article.

First, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud version and on-premise edition of Bitrix24 and the signs that it's time for you to migrate to the on-premise version.

Embedding Bitrix24 into a website using a widget and a CRM form


Bitrix24 developers are taking serious efforts to ensure that it is possible to provide informational exchange between Bitrix24 and different systems. We will look at how such informational exchange is possible with a corporate website and show how to set up leads using the B24+Website connection.

Let’s start.

We are going to use the cloud version of the Bitrix24 service.

Your website can be built on any platform: Wordpress, Drupai or Joomla. We will just add to it the html code created by Bitrix24 at the end.

For demonstration purposes, we will use a test website built on the Bitrix platform, but the setup can be performed on ANY platform.

Bitrix24 new CRM card. What has become better and what should better be reinstated

Implementations On the 10th of October 1C Bitrix released a lot of new updates in the cloud version of Bitrix24. Traditionally, such massive changes influences the name of the product. Therefore, we would like to welcome you to “Bitrix24 Tokyo”. My colleagues and i decided to reveal the most interesting updates in the series of articles.

Bitrix24, BPM'online, amoCRM and SugarCRM comparison

Implementations In INTERVOLGA I am occupied with Bitrix24 implementation and customization and often asked about other CRM systems. The questions are very different: someone wants to move from amoCRM and asks if we can transfer existing data to Bitrix24 and how much it will cost, someone examines different CRM systems to choose from before implementation and asks questions about their differences, another one has faced some strong technical limitations customizing an existing system and wants to be sure it won’t happen again if they decide to move to Bitrix24 etc. It is difficult for me to give a fair answer since we work only with Bitrix24. In order to close this knowledge gap I’ve decided to “touch” most popular of them and compare them with Bitrix24.

Implementation of self-hosted Bitrix24. Cost of 50 typical tasks


How many customers use the self-hosted Bitrix24?

More than a million companies use Bitrix24. I believe there are at least 60% of them are inactive or just trying B24 for testing.

Therefore, consider 400 thousand of them. Let's drop those who are completely satisfied with the cloud version and do not want anything more.

Let it be 200 thousand. Let's drop those who do not want to spend money and energy on the boxed version (the financial costs at the initial stage for the cloud version - at least 20 times less).

So, there are 20 thousand customers left. These are companies that have bought or are ready to buy a self-hosted version and invest in the development of the system "for their needs." These are serious customers. They are waiting for a good job.

Bitrix24 software improvements are complex. To fulfill them, you must understand the tasks of the business, know the structure of the system and be able to solve problems. Competent developers are few. There are even fewer active developers.

The market is promising but empty. We develop and support corporate portals on a self-hosted version of Bitrix24. Our goal is to take a larger share of this growing market.

An important step towards this goal is to have a broad outlook and deep competence in how to create extensions for Bitrix24, how to evaluate this work and how to properly do it. The price of the error is high.

The article gives an overview of the tasks of extending the functions of Bitrix24 for the summer of 2016. Each task is commented and evaluated.