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GeoIP city definition and geo-dependency on sites


Why do you need GeoIP

Your task is to show different phones / prices / availability of goods depending on the user's city? Or maybe you want to simplify the user ordering? - These tasks rest on the automatic determination of the country / city by IP-address.

Is it difficult to locate a user by IP address? Probably not difficult. But to do it qualitatively - the task is not for the faint of heart. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Accuracy is extremely low and varies depending on the base of IP-addresses.

  2. IP addresses are constantly changing their location, and site owners forget to update their databases.

  3. Developers have a temptation to go along the curve track and start accessing online services.

  4. Developers too lazy to do caching

  5. The name of the city, which returns the geo-base, it is difficult to associate with the site location and business logic.

  6. In Bitrix there is no ready-made component to display / change the city

The difference in labor intensity between “and so come down” and “reliable solution” is 20-40 man-hours. We stuffed cones for a long time, and when we’re tired of it, we put together all our developments in one cool module for Bitrix .

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37 errors in online store baskets that interfere with conversion


The main goal of any online store is the sale of goods or services. One of the main tools for making sales through the online store is, of course, a shopping cart. In the article we will try to figure out why this tool is often not an assistant, but, on the contrary, a hindrance in the “went to the site — saw — acquired” algorithm.

For those who want to find a panacea for the lack of sales through the online store in this article, we have some advice - think in a comprehensive way, do not look for the source of problems in only one place. We analyzed the baskets in online stores and reviewed the errors encountered.

I can’t say that every online store has a snowflake personality, but there are still several large groups for which some tips will ultimately bring profit, while others are not relevant. So read, taking into account the profile of your activity.

When choosing the appearance of a product card, placing buttons, developing an order algorithm, you must take into account the characteristics, tastes, demographic and other indicators of a potential buyer.

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Media Planning for an Online Advertising Campaign


In this article, we learn:

  • On media planning in theory: I will give definitions, I will describe the stages, I will share textbooks.

  • On media planning earlier and now: TV, newspapers, radio, outdoor and its highness the Internet.

  • the main indicators of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on the Internet.

  • how to do real calculations in an Excel table.

Facebook and Instagram for an online store of designer goods with ROMI 221%


The client is a large online store of designer furniture and interior items. Basically, these are high-priced designer products. But the assortment is so different that in the same catalog for 16,000 items, trinkets for 300 rubles and a dinner table for 800,000 rubles are side by side.

According to the statistics of the last 3 months, the average order amount is 16 570 rubles. Online store revenue is about 11 million rubles a month.

Target audience of the client:

  • interior designers;

  • wholesale buyers;

  • final consumers: people of high and medium income, often residents of elite cottage settlements;

  • owners of restaurants and cafes.

There are several advertising channels in the work: contextual and targeted advertising.

In the article we will look at Facebook and Instagram. Work on them allowed us to apply interesting targeting in combination with specially selected content and achieve an increase in ROMI by 3 times.

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Bitrix 24 CRM and Zapier


Bitrix24 CRM is popular with small business CRM having great opportunities, even for free. API Bitrix24 allows to integrate it easily with other systems even in cloud version (we wrote about successful integration Bitrix24 CRM with  Twilio SMS ).

Zapier is a convenient visual constructor for WEB-system automation. Zapier allows to assemble workflows at Trello, Gmail, Wordpress etc into a unified process. At the moment (while we are writing this article) at Zapier there are no units ready for connection with Bitrix24 CRM.

In this article we will show how to set interaction between Zapier and Bitrix24 CRM.

Automatic call to a customer from Bitrix24 workflows


Bitrix24 module Workflows is a versatile tool for business processes automation. Via the module you can gather data, make calculations and save the result.

Not every automation workflow session is efficient. For example, if an employee has to call several clients sequentially to ask questions and write down the answers to be automatically processed.

The Workflows module doesn’t have integration with Bitrix24 telephony. Time is valuable. That is why we minimized the time for switching between Bitrix24 tasks, telephony, contact card and questionnaire.

We have trained Bitrix24 to manage phone calling via the Workflows.

Automatic leads distribution in Bitrix24 CRM


If a company has two or more employees responsible for leads at CRM Bitrix24 there arises a question of distributing leads among the employees. At present CRM Bitrix24 has no such function and every time the responsible person is assigned by the manager. How to automate the process? INTERVOLGARU offers several simple decisions to  solve the problem.

At first you should define the order for the leads distributing. We identified several most common decisions.

Contract approving in company. Document automation


The business produces a lot of documents: mails, contracts, acts, bills, invoices, reconciliation acts, etc. This paper work is enjoyable for young businessmen , because it gives the feeling of company’s growth.

If a  company has more than 10 employees, then the number of people  who are responsible for approving of and signing documents grows. The new positions appears: project managers, sellers, lawyers and bookkeepers. All of them participate in the workflow. Clients and vendors also edit the documents and wait for a quick response.

You just can’t waste your time running around, looking for versions of documents, sending mails with the edited contracts. And the person in charge will never know where the exact document or person is.

Paper work and sending e-mails is time-wasting and can spread chaos.

The solution we would recommend is Document Automation Systems (DAS).

How Bitrix24 fits a fitness network


It happens that business growth generates problems. It becomes difficult to follow  every current process, deal and request. It is almost impossible to analyze the database of contacts by hand.

Employees control is complicated due to the lack of bounds between the client base and documents. Sometimes there is no actual client base.

Our clients often come to INTERVOLGARU with similar problems.

Bitrix24 implementation for Sales Department

Implementations The article is written for heads of sales departments. The information is useful for IT directors who are looking for features to boost sales .
Heads of sales departments pick up sales information, seek for sales growth and sales team efficiency.
We will tell you how to customize Bitrix24 for the objectives.